Phoenix Benedict and Audio Branding
Perhaps you too have noticed how music in adverts sometime does not add any significant value to the advertised product or service memorability. Or how you can rarely recall anything significant about an advert’s music besides being totally forgettable? That’s why at Phoenix Benedict we believe that music can be used skilfully to create a unique sonic identity for each product or service, and to rebirth each brand’s emotional connection to its ideal customer in terms of its sound usage in branding.

As designers, marketers, branders and communicators we understand the responsibility to our clients in terms of creating unique designs, as well as generating leadership audibility/visibility in an overcrowding global market. Yet, what has not been explored to the full is the role and skilful application of sound, researched and tailor-made to fit the uniqueness of the product/service, as well as the emotional gain of the ideal customer profile being associated with this product.

With both extensive academic and practical knowledge in the field of audio branding Phoenix Benedict is the leader in sound branding, i.e. audio branding. We differentiate between brands that are sonically successful and challenged, and we are also able to create/recreate a product’s audio identity finding that sound/melody/riff which will best reflect its unique selling point and which sings its identity to its ideal customer.

Phoenix Benedict is passionate to assist branders, designers, marketers and communicators of all spheres who are using sound to assist with selling a product or a service.

Our services are currently available in two spheres:

A] on a consultation basis, where you call us in to assess a brand in terms of its audio branding features (i.e. unique sound, emotional touchstone and its target audience parameters). After each assessment we comment on and discuss the various options for audio branding of the specific branded product or service, offering guidance on how to improve the said audio brand where needed.

B] as an audio brand creator, where we gather in research on the product/service (i.e. Methodological Paradigm (Ideological Method), Hermeneutic-Semiological Method, mood canvas ID and application, target-audience response, etc.), create and present various audio branding scenarios, offer opportunity for brand managers’/clients’ involvement, overseeing the execution of the audio brand, and doing a post-launch follow-up. [See the Case Study on this site]

Phoenix Benedict also offers a hands-on assessment of all the audio branding media of all the clients housed at a specific branding/advertising house. The advantage of this is that your clients’ current audio brand designs are assessed and discussed with the brand managers, which serve as guidance whether a respective brand is on track, missing the mark or exactly where it needs to be in terms of its sonic uniqueness, emotional touchstone and its ideal customer. This will result in enhancing your sound branding service to your clients, and your clients’ sound branding in the global branding arena. Read more »

Latest News

Phoenix Benedict and Eskom, October 2012
Phoenix Benedict dazzles with audio branding solution for Eskom corporate event that was aimed at enforcing the.

Phoenix Benedict and Be Sharp Beetles, June 2013
Phoenix Benedict is creating a new educational music program to facilitate a bridge between our little ones (ages 5 and 6) joining Phoenix Benedict Music Academy from the highly acclaimed Be Sharp Beetles music educational program.

Phoenix Benedict and Music Mate, Cresta July 2013
Phoenix Benedict was approached to offer suggestions and advice on how the Music Mate Cresta retailer can enhance their growing customer base's experience in-store. Phoenix Benedict assisted with numerous suggestions ranging from music genres at certain days (and times of day) to the unique smell that would signify "Music Mate, as well as the brand colour presence.

Phoenix Benedict and 'Death of a Queen'
Phoenix Benedict created the audio brand and composed and produced the entire music score for the SAFTA award-winning 'Death of a Queen' which is currently being aired on Mzansi, August 2013 (Safta pic).

Phoenix Benedict is wrapping up the latest Shooby Doob Shloimy kids production with composer Mark Samowitz and lyricist Helen Heldenmuth, September 2013.


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